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The importance of inbound marketing for your business

Before you get to know how inbound marketing will benefit your business, you should know the basics of this concept and how does it differ from the usual marketing techniques that you know. So here is the explanation in layman’s terms for you – Inbound marketing is the process where you allow your customers to naturally find you by a series of processes. In other words, you don’t undertake any aggressive or persuasive marketing techniques like telemarketing, rigorous advertisements in print and media sources and others. These techniques frustrate users to a great extent and some even go to the extent of blocking these telemarketing calls. That is why, inbound marketing is considered to the best thing that can happen to a business.

Here, you don’t compel or pressurise your users to view your sites. By following certain techniques like keyword- rich blogs & articles, social media advertising, call to action posts, smart management of content and other intelligent measures, you attract users to find you in the most natural way possible. Users find your products/services by themselves, thanks to the effective techniques to apply. The association is voluntary and hence, it is more long-lasting than other forms of marketing methodologies. In this article, let us now see how inbound marketing scores heavily against outbound marketing and how beneficial it is for your business.

1. Inbound marketing is fresh and creative

Tastes and preferences of customers keep changing with every passing day. As a business owner, you need to be on your toes and adapt yourself to these evolving trends. Today, people don’t want to blindly believe advertisements that are shown on print and media publications. They want to experience it for themselves, provide suggestions, ask queries and in a nutshell, be more interactive. They want to be in control of their decisions, which is why inbound marketing is one of the most successful marketing techniques used today.

There are many inbound marketing Toronto companies that will help you with these techniques for a reasonable fee. In this method, you get updated with the algorithms and science so that you increase your visibility on the internet. People come and find you themselves, than you go out looking for them. Since it is one of the most creative ways of advertisement, it is here to stay for a long time.

2. Cost -effective

Generating leads is one of the most important factors for any business, big or small. These leads are then converted to customers. In the case of outbound marketing, lead generation costs keep sky-rocketing as there are lots of activities like advertising on various media, employing sales personnel for direct contacts, calling up the contacts and fixing up appointments with them and finally closing the deal with them. In this method, a company needs to bear the costs of paying salaries to these personnel and all other related overhead charges like transport, insurance, etc. In addition, it takes a lot of time to assess if these leads were successful or not.

All of these steps are abolished in the case of inbound marketing. All you have to do is to just post keyword-rich content on your sites and increase your presence on social media with some interactive/creative commercials. It doesn’t cost much at all and the responses are overwhelming. According to one of the blogs in Hubspot, the cost of generating a lead through inbound marketing is a whopping 62% lesser than the costs incurred for the same process through outbound marketing.

3. Effective access to target audiences

One of the best advantages of using inbound marketing for your business is that you get exclusive access to target audiences that is otherwise not possible with traditional outbound marketing techniques. Google, the search engine giant has a set of keywords defined for every industry. When your business features all keywords from this list, in your blogs or articles, it satisfies the rules of Google’s scientific algorithms. What happens because of this? When a user types in that particular keyword to for more information about your industry, your website would be one of the top pages to be displayed on the results, because your content is full of keywords. Imagine being on top of Google’s search results! Truly incredible, isn’t it? That’s what powerful inbound marketing can do to you. As the number of people who view your website increases tremendously, it automatically brings more traffic and thereby more profitability for you.

Similarly, when you adopt one of the most effective inbound techniques of social media advertising, you can choose targeting options and clearly specify the gender and age group of audiences that will get to view your ads. This will ensure that your ads are viewed by your target audiences and thereby, there is a great chance that most of them will be converted into your customers. Inbound marketing techniques cost very little; however they are loaded with great performances, making it ideal shots for your business. If you are not tech-savvy yourself, you can outsource this job to experts who will be ready to do it for you at a reasonable fee.

4. Constant improvisation

You learn more by improvising, by bettering your own creativity every day. Inbound marketing gives you this chance. On a weekly basis, you can compare how your social media ads have performed, how many people have viewed them and how much of returns have they generated. If you find that you have not reached the number of views that you expected, you can immediately try another creative ad and launch it for the next week. Do these constant evaluations for yourself and also compare your performances against those of your competitors to know your strengths and weaknesses. This will prove to be very handy for you when you want to identify your USP and work on it.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that inbound marketing helps you increase awareness about your brand among your target audiences and thereby convert users into customers permanently. It is a very interactive and transparent process. So, you can get real time updates and suggestions from your users about the performance of your product/service.


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